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The 10 Worst Pass Defenses

With the New York Jets sitting atop this ignonimous pile, one can't help thinking the Cincinnati Bengals and Carson Palmer will get off the snide this week.  But one will have to recall the Jets' PYA will be digesting the 426 yards effort of Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals for the next three weeks.  Just keep in mind the Jets rank 7th in Rushing Yards Against over the same three-game period.  

Which Jay Cutler or Brandon Marshall owner doesn't see this list and drool?  The Jacksonville Jaguars go to Denver with the 30th ranked PYA combined with the Broncos desire to throw at at costs means...head coach Mike Shannahan is going to run the ball.  Even worse, he'll give it to Andre Hall and not the most widely-owned Michael Pittman.

In new head coach Tom Cable's first game as the Oakland Raiders' #2, he faces a poor Saints pass defense.  Does Cable let QB JaMarcus Russell air it out and justify some of owner Al Davis' press conference?  There could be a sneaky start here in Russell of TE Zach Miller.

The 10 Worst Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
32 NY Jets 338 CIN
31 Chicago 292.7 @ATL
30 Jacksonville 268 @DEN
29 Kansas City 260 BYE
28 Detroit 258 @MIN
27 San Diego 247 NE
26 Denver 246.3 JAX
25 San Francisco 240 PHI
24 Atlanta 238.3 CHI
23 New Orleans 237 OAK