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Top 10 Pass Defenses

Over their past three games, the Cleveland Browns have the best Passing Yards Against average?  After watching the New York Giants demolish the Seattle Seahawks, I have a hard time believing the hapless Browns will shut down the Giants' passing game, but Monday Night Football in Cleveland do smell a little like an upset, doesn't it?  Maybe it isn't really important because the Browns struggle against the run ranking 18th in that category over the past three games, and that plays directly into the Giants' strength.

Top 10 Pass Defenses:

Rank Team PYA Vs
1 Cleveland 132 @NYG
2 Miami 139.5 @HOU
3 Carolina 142.7 @TB
4 St. Louis 164 @WAS
5 Baltimore 165.5 @IND
6 Pittsburgh 170 BYE
6 Philadelphia 170 @SF
8 NY Giants 179 CLE
9 New England 183.5 @SD
10 Tennessee 192.3 BYE