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MLB Rumors: Erik Bedard & Hank Steinbrenner's Latest Condition For Signing Johan Santana

Newsday reports Hank Steinbrenner said via phone yesterday, "There's definitely still a possibility" for the Yankees to obtain Johan Santana.  There's nothing new there but this is new.  Hank says the team will not go beyond a five-year deal if the Yankees did obtain the right to extend Santana.  

That shifts the debate to whether or not Johan would waive his no-trade clause for a five-year extension and whether the market just collapsed on him and Twins GM Bill Smith.  If other suitors, suit, then will Santana decide to play out his contract for the Twins?  Better yet, would a five-year extension make the Twins a viable option given reports they offered him a four-year/$80MM one.


Baltimore Sun follows up on yesterday's rumored Erik Bedard-to-Seattle rumor by suggesting that "could be driven more by the Orioles' interest in compiling best final offers now than the club actually closing in on a deal."  If anything is to be done, O's GM Andy MacPhail wants it done by month's end and "doesn't want to pass on short-term possibilities only to see the trade discussions crumble."  Short term solutions would address centerfield, shortstop and closer where Tike Redman, Luis Hernandez and no one respectively reside.

The Seattle Times also follows-up on Ken Rosenthal's article from yesterday on the Bedard trade.  While M's GM Bill Bavasi did not directly address the rumored package of CF Adam Jones, C/1B/DH Jeff Clement and third player, he did mention that the team will try to improve their starting pitcher and do not consider Brandon Morrow untouchable nor a lock for the starting rotation.