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2008 Fantasy Baseball: Closers and Pitchers With Saves Rankings

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These are the rankings of pitchers with saves. I used just four categories in this sample - Saves, Ks, ERa and WHIP. I saw no reason to reward six wins versus one for piutchers who are mainly evaluated on their ability to get saves. I also wanted to give Todd Jones some help given he was ranked in the 60s despite have the second-highest Saves total in the sample. I could still only get him to #38!

I have tagged all the expectant closers who made the list with "up" if only because they are expected to get Saves. However, I left those non-closers who scored highly right where they ranked to give an idea 1. how good they have been i.e. Rafael Betancourt and Bobby Howry and 2. as examples of pitchers who can still contribute despite beign undominant in counting categories - Saves relative to closers and Ks relative to starters.

The nominal closer of the San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson, ranked 128th as a result of his awful ratios in his 2006 season and a general lack of innings pitcher. one cannot rack up Ks is one only throws 50 innings so far. He is a player I would take in the same area Todd Jones is selected.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Nathan Joe   34 Okajima Hideki   67 Gardner Lee  
2 Wagner Billy   35 Linebrink Scott   68 Pena Tony up up
3 Saito Takashi   36 Benoit Joaquin   69 Percival Troy up
4 Papelbon Jonathan   37 Otsuka Akinori   70 Looper Braden  
5 Putz J.J.   38 Jones Todd up 71 Littleton Wes  
6 Rodriguez Francisco   39 Duchscherer Justin   72 Seanez Rudy  
7 Rivera Mariano   40 Riske David   73 Peralta Joel  
8 Street Huston   41 Wickman Bob   74 Bradford Chad  
9 Cordero Chad   42 Weathers David   75 Janssen Casey  
10 Soriano Rafael   43 Rodney Fernando   76 Wilson C.J. up
11 Betancourt Rafael down 44 Farnsworth Kyle   77 Sosa Jorge  
12 Hoffman Trevor   45 Accardo Jeremy up 78 Embree Alan  
13 Howry Bobby down 46 Feliciano Pedro   79 Wise Matt  
14 Jenks Bobby   47 Torres Salomon   80 Marte Damaso  
15 Fuentes Brian down 48 Walker Jamie   81 Rivera Saul  
16 Cordero Francisco   49 Zumaya Joel   82 Lyon Brandon  
17 Wheeler Dan down down 50 Bell Heath   83 Calero Kiko  
18 Valverde Jose   51 Guerrier Matt   84 Hennessey Brad up
19 Ryan B.J. down 52 Gregg Kevin up up 85 Rincon Juan  
20 Shields Scot down 53 Perez Rafael   86 Guardado Eddie  
21 Isringhausen Jason   54 Gonzalez Mike   87 Sanchez Duaner  
22 Capps Matt   55 Sherrill George   88 Ayala Luis  
23 Soria Joakim   56 Turnbow Derrick   89 Beimel Joe  
24 Broxton Jonathan down 57 Moylan Peter   90 Pinto Renyel  
25 Lidge Brad   58 Borowski Joe up 91 Marmol Carlos up
26 Corpas Manuel   59 Timlin Mike   92 Proctor Scott  
27 Ray Chris down down down 60 Dempster Ryan   93 Tankersley Dennis  
28 Reyes Al   61 Gagne Eric up 94 Villarreal Oscar  
29 Heilman Aaron   62 Frasor Jason   95 Julio Jorge  
30 Rauch Jon   63 Chamberlain Joba up 96 Crain Jesse  
31 Gordon Tom   64 Carrasco Hector   97 Miller Trever  
32 Myers Brett   65 Downs Scott   98 MacDougal Mike  
33 Qualls Chad   66 Villanueva Carlos   99 Delcarmen Manny