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2008 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Rankings Part II

Here is the second half of the pitchers ex-saves rankings. There are quite a few of the sexier pitching names included here. That is mainly a function of lack of track record and/or just one good season under their belts.

Amongst some names not making the list, but ones I like to varying degrees more than many listed are Micah Owings, Kevin Correia, Scott Baker, Dustin McGowan, Shawn Hill, Wandy Rodriguez, Mark Prior, Andrewr Sonnanstine, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Matt Garza, and Sergio Mitre.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
46 Wakefield Tim   61 Meche Gil   76 Lee Cliff  
47 Hill Rich up 62 Moyer Jamie   77 Santana Ervin  
48 Millwood Kevin   63 Byrd Paul   78 Gorzelanny Tom  
49 Springer Russ   64 Suppan Jeff   79 Fultz Aaron  
50 Bush David   65 Matsuzaka Daisuke up 80 Schmidt Jason down
51 James Chuck   66 Lowry Noah   81 Morris Matt  
52 Contreras Jose   67 Billingsley Chad up 82 Lieber Jon  
53 Capuano Chris   68 Westbrook Jake   83 Oliver Darren  
54 Washburn Jarrod   69 Harden Rich   84 Cook Aaron  
55 Rogers Kenny   70 Gallardo Yovani up 85 Wuertz Michael  
56 Davis Doug   71 Silva Carlos   86 Guthrie Jeremy  
57 Robertson Nate   72 Bannister Brian   87 Williams Woody  
58 Francis Jeff   73 Garcia Freddy   88 Colon Bartolo down
59 Snell Ian up 74 Speier Justin   89 Marquis Jason  
60 Meredith Cla   75 Lincecum Tim up 90 Vizcaino Luis