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Oh No! Terrell Owens Is SO Injured!

The Cowboys have announced that WR Terrell Owens is still suffering from a sprained left ankle and will be a game-time decision.

Actually, that's not quite accurate.  The Cowboys haven't just announced it; they've yelled it, dramatically, to anybody that will listen.  

He's injured!  Oh no!  It's so bad!  He's so injured!

Phillips had said last week he hoped Owens could return to practice Wednesday or Thursday. But that may not happen. So the Cowboys have to wait to see if Owens practices before they even determine if he plays.
"If he were able to practice Wednesday or Thursday, Friday maybe, it'd clarify things a little easier," Phillips said.

Did you get that?  The Cowboys have to actually see Owens practice before they can even determine if he will play in the game.

Who do the Cowboys think they're fooling?  Owens could spend three weeks hiking alone through Mongolia, compete in a yak-wrestling event, get on a plane, take a cab directly to the stadium and step into the first huddle of this game.  There is no way T.O. is going to miss this game.  

This is, of course, just gamesmanship. I realize that all teams do this to some extent, but this is a clumsy attempt from Wade Phillips and the Cowboys.  He's no Bill Belichick when it comes to faking out the media, that's for sure.