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2008 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Rankings Part I

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Let the fun begin! Here is the first batch of pitcher rankings ex-saves. The methodology is the same as the hitters with one expection. "Ex Saves" means the population of pitchers involved in the rankings have not had a save in the past three seasons. In other words, these are essentially starting pitcher rankings.

However, there will be pure middle relievers in the group, and those are notable because they mark the beginning of the end of reaching for starting pitchers. Because my ranking methodology is reliant on three years worth of performance, those starters who do not have the full three years of performance may be lower ranked than one would expect. Hence, no Daisake Matzusaka or Rich Hill or Ian Snell.

That said, pay attention to grabbing those starters with three years of efforts and still ranked behind middle relievers. These are the pitchers to try to avoid.

FWIW, remember the best pitching projection systems are barely worth the efforts to produce them. The top ones have an R of .46 with a corresponding r-squared of 21% or so. (Taken from here. Follow the links to see that r-squared is not used. Any further explanation would be appreciated.)

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Santana Johan   16 Hamels Cole   31 Zito Barry down
2 Peavy Jake   17 Lowe Derek   32 Buehrle Mark  
3 Webb Brandon   18 Burnett A.J.   33 Martinez Pedro down
4 Smoltz John down 19 Verlander Justin   34 Garland Jon  
5 Sabathia C.C.   20 Vazquez Javier   35 Blanton Joe  
6 Oswalt Roy   21 Sheets Ben   36 Johnson Randy down
7 Halladay Roy   22 Penny Brad   37 Willis Dontrelle down
8 Zambrano Carlos   23 Weaver Jered   38 Maine John  
9 Lackey John   24 Cain Matt   39 Shields James  
10 Haren Dan   25 Hernandez Felix   40 Carmona Fausto  
11 Harang Aaron   26 Carpenter Chris down down 41 Lilly Ted  
12 Beckett Josh   27 Maddux Greg down 42 Mussina Mike down
13 Bedard Erik   28 Kazmir Scott   43 Glavine Tom  
14 Young Chris   29 Arroyo Bronson   44 Neshek Pat  
15 Pettitte Andy   30 Hudson Tim   45 Bonderman Jeremy