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Ravens Head Coach Candidates: Rex Ryan Is Defensive

The Baltimore Ravens interviewed their fourth head coaching candidate yesterday: a guy they just fired last week. Does that make sense to you?  If it does, welcome to the world of the Ravens front office.

The Ravens interviewed Rex Ryan, who until very recently was their defensive coordinator.  Last week Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti fired Head Coach Brian Billick and his entire coaching staff (including Ryan) in an attempt to clean house after the Ravens' 5-11 season.   Ryan seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time: the Ravens finished fifth in the league in total defense this season and finished first last season.  Whatever else was wrong with the Ravens (cough..Boller..cough.cough) it wasn't Ryan's performance.

Ryan is the first defensive coach the Ravens have interviewed for the job. Previously they had spoken to Colts assistant coach Jim Caldwell, Cowboys Assistant Coach Tony "Don't Call Me Soprano" Sparano and Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett.  All three of those guys have made their mark on the offensive side of the ball.  It's being reported that Miami will offer Sparano the Dolphins job after the Super Bowl, so he's likely not an option anymore.

From a fantasy football view, it would be far better to get somebody offensive-minded into the Ravens HC position.  The Ravens offense needs a new quarterback and a reliable #2 WR, not to mention a new offensive game plan.   Rex Ryan might be a good (or maybe great) head coach, but for fantasy football owners looking for some offensive punch from the Ravens, he's probably the wrong man for the job.