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Baseball America's Top 10 New York Yankees Prospects

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For those interested in where Baseball America ranks the various names being mentioned in a potential Johan Santana trade, the team at BA has just released their Top 10 Yankees Prospects.  Phil Hughes is not on the list because he no longer qualifies as a rookie (50 or fewer IP or 130 ABs.)

If Austin Jackson is so highly regarded, do you think the Twins should ask for him in lieu of Melky Cabrera or is the certainty of Melky's major league performance more important?

  1. Joba Chamberlain, rhp
  2. Austin Jackson, of
  3. Jose Tabata, of
  4. Ian Kennedy, rhp
  5. Alan Horne, rhp
  6. Jesus Montero, c
  7. Jeff Marquez, rhp
  8. Brett Gardner, of
  9. Ross Ohlendorf, rhp
  10. Andrew Brackman, rhp


Should the Twins take Austin Jackson instead of Melky Cabrera?

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  • 54%
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  • 45%
    (47 votes)
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