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MLB Rumors: Did The Mets Acquire Angel Pagan To Get Johan Santana?

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Who is the 4th Yankees' prospect being asked for by the Twins? Low A 3B Mitch Hilligoss.  At least that who Bill Madden of the NY Daily News reports it to be.  He also says that is the same package the Twins wanted before the Winter Meetings in Nashville last month.


In Boston, Red Sox GM Theo Epstein says the offers for Santana are fairly settled right now with questions about CF Coco Crisp no longer an issue with either the Twins or Red Sox.  Rob Bradford also writes about Yankees GM Brian Cashman's resignation that he no longer holds the reigns of power in the Yankees' organization with the returns of prodigal sons Hank and Hal Steinbrenner.


Meanwhile, in Flushing Queens, Mets' GM Omar Minaya acquired back-up OF switch-hitter Angel Pagan from the Cubs for a couple of Mets minor leaguers.  This may not appear connected to the Johan Santana discussions, but recall Peter Gammons' reply during his chat on Thursday.  He said the Mets "...continue to try to continue to build up inventory to trade...."

By acquiring Angel Pagan, Minaya has acquired a 5th OF to help fill-in for the inevitable Moises Alou injuries.  With Ryan Church, Endy Chavez and Angel Pagan, the Mets now have the bodies to go without CF Carlos Gomez in 2007.  Throw-in utility man Damion Easley, and the team appears deep enough to part with Carlos Gomez in a Johan Santana trade.


Is the Angel Pagan acquistion more than the minor deal it appears to be?

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