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Playoff Fantasy Football - NFC

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Continuing my review of fantasy values for playoff fantasy football, today with the NFC.  

My post reviewing the AFC is below.  One addition - not only are Sportsline and ESPN running free playoff fantasy football games, but is as well.

Seattle - Despite being the highest ranked NFL team playing this weekend, the Seahawks are not looking especially strong right now.  They lost two of their last three games, both to very bad teams and each in a different way.  They only managed to score 10 points against a Carolina Panthers team that had given up over 21 pts a game all season.  Then they gave up 44 points to a Falcons team that averaged only 16 pts a game.  Yikes.

A win by the Seahawks sends them north to Green Bay in January, something that any team wants to avoid.  QB Matt Hasselbeck will have a hard time against the Redskins secondary  (as well as the Packers if it comes to that) so he's not a great long range choice.  RBs Shaun Alexander and Maurice Morris should be splitting time so neither one of them is a good choice.  The receivers are your Seattle's Best Choice, with Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram and DJ Hackett all options, in that order.  Deion Branch might be back from injury as well, making it anybody's guess which WR will have the best day.

Tampa Bay - The Buccaneers have also been unimpressive lately, losing three of their last four games, and none of those losses were to a team with a winning record.  QB Jeff Garcia is unlikely to have a big game against anybody, but he's just as unlikely to have a terrible game.  He's a safe, cheap bet if you're spending your salary cap on other positions, especially since the Giants have injury problems on defense.  RB Earnest Graham is the star of this team, he's guaranteed to get a lot of work against the Giants and is worth a slot on your fantasy team.  WR Joey Galloway is a decent cheap option while fellow WR Ike Hilliard is a longshot.  The Buccaneers Defense will likely be overpriced for what they'll deliver you.

NY Giants - Like Seattle, the Giants have also lost two of their last three games but in the Giants case both losses came at the hands of a playoff team.  QB Eli Manning put up four touchdown passes against the Patriots though it's unlikely he'll do the same against Tampa Bay.  If you believe the Giants can beat the Bucs and then go on to beat the Cowboys (their likely opponent), then Eli could be your fantasy quarterback.  Manning is usually wearing a "I Heart Plaxico" t-shirt under his jersey, so WR Plaxico Burress is  a great choice this postseason.  The same goes for RB Brandon Jacobs, who has been rampaging his way through the league since his return from injury.  

Washington - The Redskins have a game against a weakened Seahawks team and if they win, a matchup with a Cowboys team they just beat. Considering how good the Seahawks made Chris Redman look last week, QB Jason Campbell should get consideration as a cheap QB option.  RB Clinton Portis is too spotty to be relied upon, but Chris Cooley may be the best TE option in the NFC postseason.  K Shaun Suisham is a very good sleeper option, as is the Redskins Defense.