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Keith Law's Top Five Prospects By Position

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It is prospect list time!  ESPN's Keith Law began rolling out his top prospects list.  Tuesday, he posted his Top 5 prospects by postions.  Yesterday, he posted his Top 5 by organization, and, today, he will release his Top 100.

Unfortunately, all the lists are behind the Insider subscription wall.  As a result, I will only "tease" you with a couple "surprise" players at each position today.  Over the next few days I will do some thing similar with the next two lists.

Mr. Law has an ESPN chat today, and I'm sure he will reveal even more of his rankings via questions.  I'll try to answer any questions about a specific player's presence on the list, though.


  1. Taylor Teagarden, Texas
  2. J.R. Towles, Houston
First base
  1. Angel Villalona, San Francisco
  2. Lars Anderson, Boston
Middle infield
  1. Elvis Andrus, Texas (ss)
  2. German Duran, Texas (2b)
Third base
  1. Josh Vitters, Chicago Cubs
  2. Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels
Center field
  1. Fernando Martinez, New York Mets
  2. Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay
Corner outfield
  1. Travis Snider, Toronto
  2. Nolan Reimold, Baltimore
Right-handed pitcher
  1. Joba Chamberlain, New York Yankees
  2. Rick Porcello, Detroit
Left-handed pitcher
  1. Franklin Morales, Colorado
  2. Manny Parra, Milwaukee