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Super Bowl MVP Odds - Everybody Loves Tom Brady

The Super Bowl is almost here!  Man, I'm excited, I just hope the game stays close.  A 35 point blowout will not only be a boring game to watch, it will mean I have to put up with weeks of gloating from my increasingly annoying Patriot Fan frends.

The Super Bowl MVP is always a fun award, because no matter how good or how boring the game is, it gives you something to argue about the entire game.  Courtesy of William Hill Betting here are the latest betting odds on the MVP for Super Bowl XLII

 T Brady   2/5  
 L Maroney   10/1  
 R Moss   10/1  
 W Welker   16/1  
 R Harrison   25/1  
 K Faulk   33/1  
 S Gostkowski   40/1  
 A Samuel   40/1  
 A Thomas   50/1  
 E Hobbs   50/1  
 J Seau   50/1  
 T Bruschi   50/1  
 M Vrabel   50/1  
 B Watson   50/1  
 D Stallworth   50/1  
 J Gaffney   66/1  
 R Seymour   66/1  
 R Gay   80/1  
 S Neal   80/1  
 L Mankins   80/1

 E Manning   7/1  
 P Burress   14/1  
 B Jacobs   25/1  
 A Bradshaw   33/1  
 A Toomer   33/1  
 D Hixon   40/1  
 O Umenyiora   40/1  
 M Strahan   40/1  
 A Ross   50/1  
 R McQuarters   50/1  
 S Madison   50/1  
 K Mitchell   50/1  
 A Pierce   50/1  
 S Smith   50/1  
 L Tynes   50/1  
 K Boss   50/1  
 G Wilson   66/1  
 C Webster   66/1  
 D Tyree   80/1  
 J Butler   100/1

Obviously Tom Brady is the overwhelming favorite to pull in yet another MVP award.  I think Randy Moss is a nice option at 10/1 -- remember that WR Deion Branch won the Super Bowl MVP as a Patriot so it's not always the Tom Brady Show.  Gostkowski at 40/1 is obviously a longshot, but not impossible.  I'd pay out big to see a Super Bowl where Logan Mankins wins the MVP.

Considering that QBs almost always win the MVP Award, Eli looks good at 7/1.  If the Giants were to win, I don't see any way they can do it without Eli having a fantastic game.  If Eli just bombs away all night to Burress, then Plax could be a great bet at 14/1 in the same way that Branch won his MVP.  Jacobs would be a nice flyer at 25/1 until you realize the Giant with the next highest odds is fellow RB Bradshaw.  

For my MVP picks, I like Moss at 10/1 and Eli at 7/1.  I think it's almost certain that the MVP will be one of those two guys or Brady.