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Eli Manning - Super Bowl Champion?

If the Giants upset the Patriots on Sunday, how hyped will Eli Manning be in fantasy drafts next year?  

As a very early estimate, I say he'd probably go fourth overall - behind Brady, Peyton, and Romo.   Every other possible option - Brees, Favre, Derek Anderson, Hasselbeck - has some sort of issue.  

Don't get me wrong, Eli Manning has issues too, but those will be glossed over by the glory of having been the QB to dethrone Tom Brady.   Eli Manning probably won't be the #4 fantasy QB next year, but that's how he would be drafted.

If the Giants do "the impossible", he will be a fantasy hype machine the likes of which hasn't been seen since Reggie Bush.

(Bush.  He's a running back on the Saints.  No really, look it up)