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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana Talks To Heat Up

Finally!  Some news from one of the main suitors for Johan Santana.  This morning's NY Daily News reports Hank Steinbrenner is reporting to work today to "begin working on a final [final] decision" about dealing for Santana.

He is convinced his team has made the top offer for the perennial CY Young contender.  That offer is rumored to be Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Marquez and a 4th unnamed prospect.  More importantly, he knows the Twins know he knows the Twins know the Yankees have the best offer on the table, and will check back with the Yanks before any final decision is made.

This jibes, sort of, with what Charlie Waters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press blurbs.  He writes the Yanks interest is not as great now as it was a month ago.  Of course, I have a hard time believing it is any more or any less.  The debate on the Yankees side seems more ideological than anything else, and those debates do not necessarily change in intensity over a month's span.

In Boston, Nick Cafardo blogs the Red Sox and Twins are amenable to expanding the deal to include other players.  That would throw all this discussion for a loop as the Jon Lester-and Jacoby Ellsbury-led offers have developed a sense of permanence that comes with repeating the same rumor over and over again.

Lastly, La Velle E. Neal III is back for the New Year and reports the list of suitors for Santana no longer includes the Seattle Mariners.  It now is down to the Big Three - Boston and the two New York teams.

If that is true, will Johan Santana's fantasy value surge upwards from its current ADP (Average Draft Position) of 16?  One would project he would win more the 15 games he won last season on any of the three remaining teams, but would a move the the weaker NL result in a return to last season's Top 10 position?