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MLB Rumors: Peter Gammons On Johan Santana And The Mets

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Hopefully, you had a chance to read Peter Gammons' chat over at the website of the Boston Globe.  If you love the Red Sox, click through and read it.  Mr. Gammons also offers some opinion on the difficulty Roger Clemens will have answering questions about trainer Brian McNamee.  He doesn't even mention the threat from McNamee's lawyer that Clemens will be sued for defamation if Clemens calls McNamee a liar on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday.

If all you care about is what he believes will happen with Johan Santana, continue on.

In response to a die-hard Red Sox fan who believes Ellsbury-for-Santana is too much for the Red Sox to give-up, Mr. Gammons responds:

Santana is probably the best pitcher of this generation. He's young and he's a great athlete who should be able to last another 10 years, but the more I've thought about the Santana deal, the more I'm convinced it's not a great idea. Whether it's the Ellsbury deal or the Lester deal, the Sox would still be giving up three young players and I don't discount the importance that Lowrie will play in the next couple of years. Theo has rebuilt the RS farm system in a very short time and changed the culture. And I think that culture is really important. The baseball people with the Yankees feel the same about what Cashman has done and would prefer not to make a Santana deal. There are days when I really believe that the Red Sox and Yankees wake up and hoping somehow the Mets can find 4 or 5 good prospects in the organization and make the trade, but right now, that's highly unlikely.

He was also asked about the pressures Twins' GM Bill Smith is under and answered thusly:

I think one issue that Bill faces, is because Terry Ryan made so many great trades, he's trying to remake the team using Santana. I think Hank Steinbrenner would trade for Santana but only at the cost that was offered a month ago. The one team that continues to try to continue to build up inventory to trade are the Mets, and Smith may be waiting to see if any offer gets better.

So the Mets are working hard to get a package good enough to acquire Santana.  A win-win-win-win situation for all four teams involved.