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Final Johan Santana Offers Are In

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Update [2008-1-29 16:24:35 by Eric Hz]: Ken Rosenthal reports via USA Today that the Mets have acquired Johan Santana and now need to work out a contract extension. The deal is Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey.

Buster Olney reports the Twins have received the final offers from the parties interested in acquiring Johan Santana.  The breaking news is the Yankees are out as they did not want to include SP Phil Hughes, and the Twins were not interested in other configurations sans Hughes.

From Buster Olney:

Baseball officials involved in the Johan Santana trade talks say the Mets have the best offer on the table, as the Twins looked to honor the pitcher's request to resolve the situation....

...Mets officials were hopeful they were the front-runners for the All-Star lefty, with an offer that included center fielder Carlos Gomez, pitcher Phil Humber and two other minor leaguers. It is not known yet whether the Mets have fashioned any offers around their best prospect, Fernando Martinez.

The agent for Santana, Peter Greenberg, would not comment on whether he has been told the Mets have worked out a trade for his client, or about Santana's request for resolution.

Santana, who completely controls his fate because of the full no-trade clause that he possesses, asked the Twins to make a decision, which is why Minnesota imposed the deadline for offers from the interested teams.

It is not known if the left-hander explicitly informed the Twins that he would invoke his no-trade clause for the rest of the year and then file for free agency after the 2008 season, but that has always been his right. It appears that the Twins have taken his request seriously.

John Heyman provided the news about the Yankees.