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Lane Kiffin Is Shocked - Shocked! - That Al Davis Is A Jerk

Just when you think things are calm in the circus known as the Oakland Raiders, something escapes from a cage and starts tearing the place up.

The Raiders are trying to manage media reports that Head Coach Lane Kiffin is on his way out after owner Al Davis asked him to resign.  

The problems started when Kiffin wanted to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  The Raiders publicly announced that Ryan was staying.  Kiffin then complained to the brass that he wanted to have control over his coaching staff, at which point Davis asked him to resign.   That sounds like a good work environment, huh?  

I don't know what kind of news they get on Planet Kiffin, but here's a bulletin for you Lane:

Al Davis thinks you're a word that rhymes with "ditch".  You're replaceable and disposable.  He doesn't want to hear any backtalk from "the help".   With all the connections you and your family have into the world of football, if you didn't know that - or you thought it would be "different" for you - then you're either stupid or delusional.   Good luck Coach.

On the other hand, this is just another stupid, egotistical move by Al Davis.  Kiffin has done a pretty good job considering he's had practically nothing to work with, and he remains a promising young coach.  Forcing this guy out over the ability to hire his own staff will only make the Raiders job even more of a poisoned pill.  Why would anybody want to take that job after seeing what Davis did to his last coach?    

Of course, you could ask that question to Kiffin.