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Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names & Team Name Generator

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With fantasy baseball season nearly upon us, people are beginning to search out clever team names that will last longer than their owners 2008 chances.  To that end Dave Chase of Brock for Broglio has a post of 101 of the best fantasy baseball team names.

Here are a list of some of my favorites.  Click through to read the full list Dave put together.

  1. Kurkjian's Workmen
  2. Brokebat Mountain
  3. Stained Sheets
  4. Albert Poo Holes
  5. Orlando Resort and Cabrera
  6. Debbie Does Odaliz
  7. Funky Cold Mussina
  8. Hip Hip Jorge
  9. Lee Harvey Oswalts
  10. The Price is Wright
  11. X Markakis The Spot
  12. The fAtkins Diet
  13. Morning Wood
  14. No Glove No Love
  15. The Backnes (Back acne for steroid users.)
  16. We've got the Runs
For those looking for a excellent workday time waster, check out the Team Name Generator.