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Is A Johan Santana Trade Imminent?

La Velle E. Neal III writes the Twins may tell all teams involved to make their best offers for Johan Santana. The question left unanswered is whether the Twins are going to take one of those offers or pass if none of the teams improve upon what has already been offered. Interestingly, Mr. Neal reports some Twins players prefer to acquire Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera.

However, those preferences conflict with the New York Post headline - "REPORT: SANTANA TRADE IMMINENT, METS HAVE EDGE". The article goes on the basically repeat Charlie Walter's information with the news that a Mets official saying that "there's no way of knowing what Twins GM Bill Smith is thinking, but the official sounded optimistic the Mets could close the deal for Santana."

Is this trade watch finally going to end? Will there be dissension in the Twins clubhouse if a load of minor leaguers replace Johan Santana? Were the contract extensions given the Michael Cuddyer and Justin Morneau a preemptive strike against that?