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Johan Santana To Be Dealt Within The Week

Lavelle E. Neal II follows-up this morning's article with his perception that the Twins want to get something done with Johan Santana this week.'s Twins beat reporter, Kelly Thesier confirms the same.  Team officials indicated to her that the Santana situation will be settled within the week.

The key phrase is "within the week."  That means within seven days.  More importantly, Ms. Thesier is a second source to confirm Mr. Neal's impressions.

One of the unmentioned complicating factors is the rumored haul the Orioles received for Erik Bedard.  If Twins' GM Bill Smith does not buy into the idea that Erik Bedard is more valuable than Johan Santana because Bedard has an extra year of control, then the New York Mets, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will have to justify their offers relative to the haul the Orioles received for an oft-injured, no-time Cy Young award winner.

Are any of the three rumored offers better than CF Adam Jones, LRP George Sherrill, pitching prospect Chris Tillman and a 4th prospect?  If not, how will that team rationalize offering less if Bill Smith holds the position that Johan Santana is a better value than Bedard?

Update [2008-1-29 6:10:6 by Eric Hz]: The NY Daily News speculates the same thing in this morning's edition. Does the haul from the Orioles make any trade for Johan Santana more difficult.