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Buster Olney on Johan Santana & Johan's New Contract Demand

Piggybacking on Charlie Walters Sunday column, ESPN's Buster Olney reports the Red Sox have removed Jon Lester from the table. While this comports with the sneaking suspicion that the Red Sox have not been seriously involved in Johan Santana discussions for some time, one cannot definitively say something hasn't arisen from the Red Sox side that would have changed the availability of Lester i.e. a negative development with one of their starting pitchers.

Charlie Walters reports in his column that a big sticking point in the Santana proposals is not the players involved, but Santana's desire for a six-year/$150MM contract!  Despite that, Waters reports Santana is still expected to be dealt within the next ten days.

He says the Mets' Fernando Martinez is the barometer for the Mets' desire to acquire Santana.  He also mentions Red Sox prospect Ryan Kalish (Boston's 6th best per Baseball America) as the sleepr throw-in that Francisco Liriano was in the AJ Pierzynski deal.

Good luck fooling the Red Sox.