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Colorado Rockies' Top Prospect LHP Franklin Morales

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On Friday, I received the Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2008. On the cover were four prospects that need to be on all fantasy baseball radar. CF Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds is the headliner with Rockies LHP Franklin Morales, Dodgers' LHP Clayton Kershaw and Marlins CF Cameron Maybin on the undercard. Of particular interest was Morales because he was one of a few potential "James Shields" type breakout pitchers for 2008 mentioned in this diary.

While BA doesn't include its much anticipated Top 100 in the book, they do include individual Top 50 rankings for the four contributors of the list. Here are the rankings that each gave Franklin Morales and a pitching prospect he ranks ahead of on each analyst' list.

BA Analyst Top 50 Rank Notable Prospect Ranked Behind Morales
Jim Callis 11 Jacob McGee
Will Lingo 6 Joba Chamberlain
John Manuel 9 Homer Bailey
Chris Kline 6 Clay Buchholz

Barring any bad news on Morales, these rankings indicate he is going to be a Top 10 prospect on the Top 100 list. Add in the notable pitching prospects he is ranked ahead of on the individual lists is going to get Morales a ton of pre-season coverage. This will work to get Morales on every fantasy player's sleeper list.

NOTE: If you want to order the Prospect Handbook, there are links on the side to do so.