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Ravens Hire Harbaugh -- No, Not That Harbaugh

In contrast with the Chiefs' uninspiring choice of Chan Gailey as their new offensive coordinator, the Ravens have surprised the league by hiring Eagles' special teams coach John Harbaugh as their new head coach.

That's right, the Ravens have put a special teams coach in charge of their entire team.

Now that is an exciting, shake-`em-up move  

Rather than go the normal route of promoting an offensive or defensive coordinator, or hiring Chan Gailey, the Ravens decided to take a chance on an exciting, motivated, 45 year old who has never been a head coach at any level before.  

Crazy?  Maybe.

But maybe not.  Harbaugh has a lot of things going for him.  He has 24 years of coaching experience at various levels of the game, and he's been learning the NFL from Philadelphia HC Andy Reid, who Harbaugh calls "my mentor for nine years".  There aren't many better places to learn football than that.  

Harbaugh inherits a tough situation and a team with no young offensive talent, unless you count QB Troy Smith.   The coaching change will probably be a slight downgrade to the fantasy value of Ravens next season, at least until we see if/how the team gels around the coach next summer.  If training camp is full of happy veterans buying into what Harbaugh is selling, then there's a real possibility of positive changes in Baltimore for fantasy owners.   If Harbaugh is clearly out of his league, then everything could fall apart.

We'll need to revisit this situation during the summer, but this bold move holds out the possibility of positive changes in Baltimore.  

Kudos to the Ravens management for taking the risk.