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Falcons Hire Brian VanGorder, Give Petrino The Shaft

The Falcons hired Brian VanGorder as their defensive coordinator yesterday, filling another major coaching vacancy.   VanGorder was the defensive coordinator at the University of South Carolina, even though he never coached at the school, instead he was coaching the Falcons.  Confused?  Me too.   Let's go straight to the story...

VanGorder, 48, spent last year as the Falcons' linebackers coach. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier hired him as coordinator last month during Week 15 of the NFL season, but VanGorder worked Atlanta's last two games.

The Falcons hired Mike Smith as head coach on Wednesday. Smith replaced Bobby Petrino, who abruptly left the Falcons last month after just 13 games of a 4-12 season.

VanGorder has held six jobs with four teams over the last five years.

Wow, six jobs with four teams in five years?  I would've thought the Falcons would've been wary of coaches that jumped around after Petrino.  

VanGorder was the linebacker coach with the Jaguars in 2005 though, the same time Mike Smith was the defensive coordinator, so there must be a personal relationship there.  Considering Smith was just hired a day before, hiring VanGorder as DC must have been part of the agreement.

Here's the part I love:  The Falcons hired VanGorder from SC, so the Gamecocks needed a new defensive coordinator.  They immediately hired away Ellis Johnson, the defensive coordinator at Arkansas.  

Who is the head coach at Arkansas who's stuck without a coordinator?

Former Falcons Head Coach Bobby "Runaway" Petrino.  

It took the long way to get there, but payback is a b*tch Bobby.