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The Mets Move To The Forefront For Johan Santana With a New Trade Iteration

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La Velle E. Neal III reports the Twins ahve stepped-up efforts to deal Johan Santana and have spoken to all three of the teams rumored to be involved - the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets and New York Yankees. This also jibes with's John Heyman who wrote yesterday that the New York Mets have been talking with the Twins more regularly in the past few days and have emerged as the favorite.

Heyman writes that the Twins appear to prefer CF Carlos Gomez over OF Fernando Martinez and are indifferent between Phil Humber and Mike Pelfrey. That helps explain Pelfrey's non-inlucion in the recently-rummored Gomez/Humber/Mulvey/Geurra iteration.

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald also reports the Mets to be the favorite, but he gives a new iteration of a likely deal. This one includes Martinez and not Gomez but has major league outfielder Ryan Church being dealt. Given he has played CF, this makes sense. While Church starts in CF, he can see how many of his 43 2007 doubles he can turn into HRs in the Metrodome and MArtinez can continue to develop in AA New Britian.

I like this for the Twins better than the Gomez-led proposal. Church would immediately rocket into a top sleeper of mine for the 2008 season.

All this effort is spent analysing how good the players rumored to be going to the Twins are, but none spent on what some of those players current teammates think. A couple of players, David Wright of the Mets and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, offered their opinion. Wright told Newsday that he believes Phil Humber ia a "young pitcher he thinks can make leaps forward", and Mariano Rivera said he'd prefer to keep Phil hughes, Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy because they will all develop into "top flight players."

Take that for what its worth.