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2008 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft II Results

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Here are the results of the second Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft for the 2008 season. Picking 12th, I knew I'd have to reach for players at the more scarce positions and that is reflected throughout my draft. Normally, I enjoy that spot, but the results do not make me teribly comfortable.

Where I think this could have been better was in the 10-14th rounds. By selecting two corners (Todd Helton and Alex Gordon) after addressing those areas with my first two picks and then grabbing two catchers, I missed opportunites to draft better starting pitchers i.e Matt Cain, Yovanni Gallardo and AJ Burnett. I could have also had an infield with more upside if I had selected Brewers 2B Richie Weeks.

Because of those decisions, I had to go with unproven startign pitching in hopes last season's efforts can be repeated with improvement in 2008. Dustan McGowan, Zach Greinke, Ian Kennedy, Wandy Rodriguez and Micah owings fit that bill. With that be enough behind my top three starters in Aaron Harang, Chris Young, and Rich Hill?

Here is a link to the draft grid. It will open in a new window to make it easier to view.

1 1B Ryan Howard PHI
2 3B Ryan Braun MLW
3 2B Robinson Cano NYY
4 OF Nick Markakis BAL
5 OF Eric Byrnes AZ
6 OF Chris Young AZ
7 OF Delmon Young MIN
8 SP Aaron Harang CIN
9 SP Chris Young SD
10 1B Todd Helton COL
11 1B/3B Alex Gordon KC
12 SP Rich Hill CHI
13 C Jason Varitek BOS
14 C/1B Jarrod Saltalamacchia TEX
15 SP Dustan McGowan TOR
16 OF Michael Bourn HOU
17 CL Eric Gagne MLW
18 CL Todd Jones DET
19 SS Julio Lugo BOS
20 RP Jonathan Broxton LA
21 SP Zach Greinke KC
22 SP Ian Kennedy NYY
23 OF Adam Jones SEA
24 SS Jason Bartlett TB
25 SP Wandy Rodriguez HOU
26 SP Micah Owings AZ