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Nick Cafardo On Johan Santana

On yesterday's "Baseball Beat with Charlie Steiner" on XM Radio's MLB Homeplate, the host had Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe as a guest. The topic of conversation was Johan Santana, and Mr. Cafardo offered a few bird's eye views of what he believes the Twins will do (following his Sunday morning article on Bill Smith) and what the Red Sox will do.

On the Twins, he got the sense the Twins will deal Santana. It is only a matter of accepting the idea that what has been offered is all that will be offered.

For the Red Sox, he said the team prefers to deal the Jon Lester package of four players of the three-player one headed by Jacoby Ellsbury, and he senses the Red Sox don't really want the Twins to accept either offer.

The question that hasn't been answered, though, is why Twins' GM Smith has not taken either of the Red Sox offers. Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson improves the 2008 Twins more than the Mets' offer would and arguably does the same in 2009.

What is he waiting for?