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Chan Gailey - Part V

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The Kansas City Chiefs are desperately in need of a new offense.  Their one-dimensional running offense was exposed this season as opposing defenses realized that there wasn't much to fear from the Chiefs if Larry Johnson wasn't going to be getting the ball 25 times a game.  Or even if he was.

Management seemed to realize this so they fired offensive coordinator Mike Scolari and started looking for a fresh new face to revamp the offense.  Last week, they found their man:

Chan Gailey

Yes, the guy who racked up years and years and years of mediocrity in Pittsburgh and Denver and Miami and Dallas - and recently at Georgia Tech - is now, apparently, the guy to revamp the Chiefs offense.  Whoop-dee-doo.

This article from Jason Whitlock at the Kansas City Star sums it up well.

Man, I'm trying my damndest to support Herm Edwards. He's a good man with a forceful personality, a natural-born leader of men. But he's just not a risk-taker, and the Chiefs won't get fixed until someone in charge dares to think outside the box and backs the logic with action.

Chan Gailey? He squeezes comfortably inside any box. He's coordinated solid offenses at Pittsburgh and Miami, led decent teams in Dallas and at Georgia Tech, and never in more than 30 years of coaching been labeled an innovator.

With all the bright young coordinators out there, for a team with some promising young talent, why would the Chiefs hire a retread like Gailey?  I just don't get it.  This probably won't have much effect on the fantasy value of the Chiefs next year.  

That's a shame because I think Dwayne Bowe really has the ability to be a break out wide receiver with the right offense.