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A Little Johan Santana News

Following the wins by the New England Patriots and New York Giants that put both teams in the Super Bowl, there has been little-to-no information about Johan Santana in either teams' hometown newspapers. Given all the potential destinations for Santana are in New York and Boston, this means there has been no local rumors since the weekend.

Fortunately, there is another party to these talks who are not as concerned with the Super Bowl opponents. Charlie Waters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press blurbs that the offers from the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox for Johan Santana are fading as we speak, and the New York Mets now appear to be the favorites to land Santana in a deal that does not include Fernando Martinez. La Velle E. Neal III has a post on his Star-Tribune blog where he speculates how the Mets and Twins can reach an agreement.

His sources confirm the Mets can land Santana is 19-year-old OF Fernando Martinez is added, and an MLB scout suggests the Twins including a prospect from their system to get the Mets to add Martinez as the 5th piece. Is this reasonable?