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Amazing Ahmad Bradshaw

Giants' RB Ahmad Bradshaw is a guy who has gone from undrafted in fantasy leagues to one of the key players in Super Bowl XLII.  Pretty amazing.

It's clear the Giants like to hand the ball off to guys other than Brandon Jacobs, at least right now.  In the Giants three playoff games Bradshaw has had 39 carries for 163 yards and a touchdown.  There's every reason to think he'll get a dozen or so carries against the Patriots as well.

There are three questions that need answers in order to figure out Bradshaw's fantasy value for 2008:

  1. Will he be the #2 RB for the Giants next year?  The Giants like Derrick Ward as well. They might even draft a running back.
  2. Will the Giants be open about using a RRBC setup next season. It's obvious they're using it now, but will they go back to the usual "Jacobs is the starter" platitudes this summer?
  3. Will an upset victory in the Super Bowl, coupled with a NY-centric sports media, increase all Giants fantasy values out of proportion?
Right now I think the answers are Yes, No and Of Course, but there's still seven months and one more football game before we feel confident of those answers.