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2008 Fantasy Baseball: Top Negative Diffentials Between 2007 and Three-Year Rankings

While three-year averages can hide good players with fewer than three years of experience, they can also hide players whose performance is being lifted by less recent efforts. Here is a list of the top 45 players whose 2007 performance is worse than their three-year averages.

At the top of the list are players whose dropped across all five categories. The remainder are players are on the list because they had career years in 2006 (Jermaine Dye and Raul Ibanez) and will look worse despite productive 2007 seasons. Players who dealt with injuries in 2007 (Joe Mauer and J.D. Drew) will be negatively affected. Also players who have seen their category totals drop from prior years will see deleterious effects on their rankings (SB: Vladimir Guerrero, AVG: Grady Sizemore).

The question is whether membership on this list constitutes a real decline in value over three seasons or if this represents a value opportunity. Or whether it has any meaning at all. Regardless, it is information that should be weighed.

Player Deprovement Player Deprovement Player Deprovement
Dye Jermaine -93 Ibanez Raul -33 Sheffield Gary -16
Bay Jason -79 Crisp Coco -32 Jeter Derek -16
Wells Vernon -73 Green Shawn -30 Morneau Justin -15
Alou Moises -57 Abreu Bobby -21 Reyes Jose -14
Rodriguez Ivan -56 Young Michael -20 Roberts Brian -14
Mauer Joe -56 Berkman Lance -20 Atkins Garrett -14
Furcal Rafael -55 Pujols Albert -20 DeRosa Mark -13
Giles Brian -49 Guerrero Vladimir -20 Ramirez Aramis -12
Damon Johnny -48 Helton Todd -19 Hawpe Brad -11
Hafner Travis -38 Zimmerman Ryan -19 Cuddyer Michael -11
Drew J.D. -37 Cabrera Miguel -19 Lofton Kenny -10
Jones Jacque -37 Delgado Carlos -18 Suzuki Ichiro -10
Mora Melvin -37 Diaz Matt -17 Crawford Carl -10
Matthews Jr. Gary -37 Hudson Orlando -17 Spilborghs Ryan -9
Tejada Miguel -35 Sizemore Grady -17 Winn Randy -9