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Fantasy Baseball: Scott Kazmir Or Joba Chamberlain

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I'm looking over my list of possible keepers in my AL-only 4x4 $260 keeper league. (Old Schoolers will recognize that as the traditional Rotisserie Baseball set-up.) I have two that seem to be difficult to assess.

One is Joba Chamberlain, and the other is Scott Kazmir. One took the New York baseball world by storm last summer and is considered one of the top pitching prospects in the game. The other quietly led the AL in strikeouts by finshing ahead of such off-season headlining pitchers as Johan Santana and Erik Bedard.

Yet, I am torn between who is the better keeper. A $13 Joba Chamberlain or a $20 Scott Kazmir. Kazmir is proven, but plays on a weak team where Wins may be harder to come by and has WHIP issues given his innings pitched. Chamberlain is unproven but has the winning team and no control issues while having the same strikeout ability of Kazmir.

Who would you rather have?