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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana

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At this point, there have been very little reported rumors on the Johan Santana discussions.  There was a discussion originated out of Minnesota about the Twins being low-balled by the Big Market teams, but that seems useful only as a gauge of what the locals consider about the offers being bandied about.  It doesn't necessarily reflect what Twins' GM Bill Smith is thinking.  I hope.

This morning's St. Paul Pioneer Press ran a full article about recently acquired CF Jason Pridie.  He is the front runner to start in CF for the Twins barring a trade of Johan Santana.  Is this a signal that trade talks involving Santana are deteriorating faster than one would think or is this a bluff by the Twins?

Maybe the writer, Paul Miller, is just tired of waiting for someone to get off the pot and decided to move forward and cover his team as is.  With pitchers and catcher reporting next month, one has to begin to consider teams are what they currently are.