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2008 Fantasy Baseball: Hitter Rankings

The Top 45 overall hitters have some surprises and undoubtably have players in orders fantasy players would never dream of considering. However, keep in mind that these rankings are biased towards players who contribute across the five fantasy categories. Would I ever draft Derek Jeter as the 12th best hitter? No, but he contributes in three of the five categories. Unfortunately, Runs, AVG and SB are not as easily recognizable as HRs and RBIs.

While there is not a ton of differnece between any two consecutive players in the rankings, the big break occurs between #3 Matt Holliday and #4 Chase Utley. The difference is 14.4 points. Nowhere else amongst these 45 players is the difference more than 4.8 (between #1 Alex Rodriguez and #2 David Wright and between #44 Ryan Braun and #45 Russ Martin.)

One can dismiss this break by Chase Utley's missing six weeks last season and the disappearance of SBs from Albert Pujols and Vladimir Guerrero in 2007. Will Utley remain uninjured in 2008? I'll guess so, but I won't gamble that either Albert Pujols or Vladimir Guerrero recapture their stolen base prowess of previous seasons.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Rodriguez Alex   16 Sizemore Grady   31 Roberts Brian  
2 Wright David   17 Crawford Carl   32 Cano Robinson  
3 Holliday Matt   18 Soriano Alfonso   33 Tejada Miguel  
4 Utley Chase   19 Rios Alexis   34 Bay Jason  
5 Pujols Albert   20 Ordonez Magglio   35 Granderson Curtis  
6 Guerrero Vladimir   21 Ortiz David   36 Reyes Jose  
7 Ramirez Hanley   22 Damon Johnny   37 Rowand Aaron  
8 Rollins Jimmy   23 Beltran Carlos   38 Renteria Edgar  
9 Lee Carlos   24 Hunter Torii   39 Dye Jermaine  
10 Cabrera Miguel   25 Young Michael   40 Wells Vernon  
11 Jones Chipper   26 Atkins Garrett   41 Fielder Prince  
12 Jeter Derek   27 Markakis Nick   42 Zimmerman Ryan  
13 Berkman Lance   28 Phillips Brandon   43 Sheffield Gary  
14 Abreu Bobby   29 Suzuki Ichiro   44 Braun Ryan  
15 Guillen Carlos   30 Lee Derrek   45 Martin Russell