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Titans Rehire Heimerdinger (...Same As The Old Boss)

The Titans rehired Mike Heimerdinger, the Broncos assistant head coach, to be their offensive coordinator.  Heimerdinger had previously been the OC in Tennessee from 2000-2004, so he knows the team and probably knows where to get the best ribs in town.

What I'm not sure he knows is how to make Vince Young into a productive NFL quarterback, which is the reason they're hiring him.   Heimerdinger had been a success with the Titans offense when it was led by Steve McNair, Eddie George and Derrick Mason.  There are no McNairs, Georges or Masons on the Titans now though, so it will be difficult to recapture that magic.

Difficult, but I'm not willing to write the guy off yet.  Maybe he has what it takes to improve the offense, so he gets the benefit of the doubt for now.  Consider this a slight upgrade to the Titans fantasy value for next year and keep an eye on how they rebuild their wide receiver corps.