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Jason Garrett Is The Grim Reaper...And He's Coming For Wade Phillips

Despite being considered for Head Coaching jobs at Baltimore and Atlanta, Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett pulled his name from consideration yesterday and decided to stay with the Cowboys.  He gets a raise and the new title of Assistant Head Coach.  

That's nice.  

But that's probably not ALL he was given...

Garrett gave thoughtful answers to all questions but one. Asked if he was promised he'd replace Phillips, Garrett said, "No," then turned his head to seek a question from the other side of the room.

League rules prevent team owner Jerry Jones from anointing Garrett as the heir to Phillips, but the way things have played out sure seems to indicate the likelihood.

After all, Jones hired Garrett before hiring Phillips last year. And when Garrett returned Wednesday night from visits with the Ravens and Falcons, he huddled with Jones to figure out his next move. Hours later, he opted to stay in Dallas, being part of a club that just went 13-3 and sent seven offensive players to the Pro Bowl.

It doesn't take an active imagination to think that Wade Phillips is a dead man walking.  After the playoff blunder in 2006 (which Phillips had nothing to do with) and the playoff collapse this year (which Phillips had a lot to do with), the pressure is on in Big D.  Anything less than an appearance in Super Bowl XLIII next year means Phillips is out the door.  A slow start next season might mean Phillips is out the door.   Jerry Jones waking up cranky might mean Phillips is out the door.  It will happen, and any number of things might trigger it.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the Cowboys next season.  Will Phillips start to usurp Garrett's authority in an attempt to keep his job?  Will the locker room start calling for Garrett if the Cowboys start out slow?  While Garrett as offensive coordinator is a good thing for fantasy owners, a season-long Garrett vs Phillips passive-aggressive feud is not.  This is a situation that could downgrade a lot of fantasy values.