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2008 Fantasy Baseball: Top Positive Diffentials Between 2007 and Three-Year Rankings

Here is a list of the players who got more than 130 ABs in 2007 and whose difference between their 2007 rankling and three-year weighted-average rankings were the greatest. Typically, these players include a large helping of 1st year players given they are just credited with 60% of their rookie season in the three-year rankings. But what about Adrian Gonzalez? Or Jim Thome? Or Pat Burrell?

Pleasantly, Gonzalez improved on his breakout 2006 campaign. Maybe he remains a "forgotten" 1B thanks to the offense-supressing ability of his home ballpark. Who knows.

As for Thome and Burrell, both players have seen a poor 2005 decrease in importance in their rankings. As veterans, each has their percevied value set in stone. Both remain under-valued options for 2008.

Player Improvement Player Improvement Player Improvement
Kotchman Casey 126 Burrell Pat 71 Lowell Mike 39
Hardy J.J. 121 Matsui Kazuo 69 Peralta Jhonny 37
Johnson Kelly 113 Greene Khalil 63 Young Delmon 34
Young Chris 109 Martinez Victor 61 Byrnes Eric 33
Pena Carlos 106 Dunn Adam 59 Hill Aaron 30
Gordon Alex 102 Pedroia Dustin 57 Youkilis Kevin 27
Kubel Jason 98 Young Dmitri 55 Hart Corey 27
Werth Jayson 94 Guillen Jose 50 LaRoche Adam 25
Bautista Jose 91 Hamilton Josh 48 Cabrera Melky 25
Stairs Matt 89 Tulowitzki Troy 46 Pence Hunter 25
Byrd Marlon 87 Hermida Jeremy 44 Blake Casey 23
Harris Brendan 84 Upton B.J. 44 Anderson Garret 22
Thomas Frank 83 Swisher Nick 42 Bonds Barry 22
Thome Jim 79 Stewart Shannon 42 Granderson Curtis 22
Gonzalez Adrian 72 Wilson Jack 39 Encarnacion Edwin 21