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Dolphins Hire Tony Sparano, Parcells Nods Approvingly

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The Parcells Empire continues to grow in Miami, as the Dolphins have hired Cowboys' assistant Tony Sparano to be their new Head Coach. This makes the 174th person to move from the Cowboys to the Dolphins since Parcells was hired.

Despite concerns that he will only be the front man for the huge personality that is Bill Parcells, Sparano wasn't concerned at his first press conference.

Sparano said he's unconcerned that he might be working in the shadow of his boss.

"If at the end of the day that's the worst thing that happens to me, I'm OK," said Sparano, 46. "I know Coach Parcells is here as a resource for me, and I'm going to use him as much as I can."
I bet you could barely see Parcells' lips move when Sparano said that.

Joking aside, this has to be a good thing for the Dolphins and their fans. Parcells has an amazing record of success as a coach and there's no reason to think he'll be any less successful as the Team FuhrerPresident. There's always the possibility that personalities will clash and tempers will flare, but that's probably a year away at the earliest. The Dolphins staff will march wherever Parcells leads them next season.

For fantasy owners, what's good for Parcells is good for you. Ronnie Brown is already a fantasy stud for 2008 and I expect the Dolphins to sign a veteran quarterback in the off-season to add another fantasy option. Parcells is also likely to wheel and deal at the draft this April, something else that should improve the fantasy choices in Miami.