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MLB Rumors: The Mets Intrigue The Twins With Johan Santana Offer

Joe Christensen offers an article on the potential reaction of Twins fans to a Johan Santana deal that does not meet the very high price tage GM Bill Smith is asking. As a caution he recalls the reaction of Twinsdom when All-Star 2B Chuck Knobluach was dealt for Eric Milton, Cristian Guzman, Brian Buchanan and Danny Mota instead of the hyped prospect offer of Ricky Ledee, Ramiro Mendoza and Luis de los Santos.

So this weaves well into Mr. Christensen's reportage that the Mets, with their four-prospect package, appear to be more intriguing for the Twins. He also adds that sources tell him Santana is still likely to be dealt before Spring training.

Unfortunately, Twins fans are being teased by news out of the Bronx. Sid Hartman, also of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, got Yankees' acting co-owner Hank Steinbrenner to offer his opinion on Johan Santana. Hank even seems to think he has company in Boston regarding an owner who wants Santana but underlings are trying to talk them out of it.

... It really comes down to if I want to do it, I can do it, but I want to try and keep everybody happy. I think the situation's probably the same in Boston. I think John Henry, the owner there, wants to do it. He wants to get him, too, but others don't. So he's just trying to keep everybody happy.

This ties well with Buster Olney's analogy to "Deal Or No Deal". The Twins fans are being offered a great deal by the banker (Mets' offer) and Hank Steinbrenner plays the part of the expected-value dunce of a family member who only sees the $1,000,0000 case still available but ignores the other five cases that have values of $0.01, $1, $50, $200 and $1,000.