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2008 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft II

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Update [2008-1-22 6:25:21 by Eric Hz]: Mock Draft II is tonight at 9PM. Right now, we have twleve teams ready to get their feet wet in prepartion of the real things in late February, March and early April.

I've set-up the second mixed league 5x5 mock draft of the year for next Tuesday January 22nd at 9PM.  If you're interested, click through here to enter.

Recall you will need to set-up a free acount at Mock Draft Central if you have not already.  Once that is done, you can enter with the password "faketeams".

Last time, there was so uncertainty about which mock team was mine.  As a Univeristy of Connecticut grad, I chose a name associated with UCONN baseball - Nagy's Nine - after former Indians pitcher Charles Nagy.

This time I had to stretch the UCONN lineage a bit for Giants' OF Rajai Davis who attended UCONN-Avery Point.  For those of us who spent all four years on the Storrs campus, he is a branch-fer, but, in baseball, I happily claim him him.  My team is Rajai Davis' Huskies.