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NFL Personnel Changes: Falcons, Patriots, Cowboys, Falcons again

Wow, have there been a lot of personnel moves in the NFL over the past few days.  Teams are hiring and firing coaches, coordinators, front office personnel, just about everybody but the mascot.

Here's a rundown of the latest moves, with a quick view of the fantasy impact on next year.

Atlanta Falcons - Removed GM Rich McKay from any personnel decisions and bumped him "upstairs" to work on business issues like getting a new stadium built.
Fantasy Impact: Despite some solid draft picks in recent years, the Falcons have been a mess.  This should be an Upgrade

Atlanta Falcons/ New England Patriots - The Falcons hired Tom Dimitroff, the Pats' Director of College Scouting, to become the new Atlanta General Manager.
Fantasy Impact - Atlanta: Practically anybody from the Patriots has to be an improvement over what they already have. Upgrade
Fantasy Impact - New England: It's tough to lose anybody like this, but they probably have somebody ready to step in.  No change

Tennessee Titans - Fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow.  
Fantasy Impact: As if it's Chow's fault the Titans had to trot out retreads like Chris Brown and Justin Gage every week.   It won't matter who's in that position until they get some better players. No Change

Miami Dolphins/Dallas Cowboys  - The Dolphins hired Brian Gaine, the Cowboys' assistant director of pro scouting, to be their new assistant director of player personnel.
Fantasy Impact - Miami: Nobody says no to Bill Parcells!  Parcells is now building his empire in Miami.  That's an Upgrade for the Dolphins.
Fantasy Impact - Dallas: Bill Parcells' empire in Dallas is now crumbling.  Anybody have any confidence in Wade Phillips's ability to hire a defensive coordinator?  Downgrade

Cincinnati Bengals/Atlanta Falcons - The Bengals hired the Falcons Defensive Coordinator, Mike Zimmer, to become the defensive coordinator in Cincinnati.  
Fantasy Impact - Atlanta: Do the Falcons have any coaches left?  The Atlanta defense had some strong points, but gave up a ton of points last season. This is addition by subtraction.  Upgrade
Fantasy Impact - Cincinnati: This will be the third defensive coordinator in Marvin Lewis's five seasons.  I have no idea why the Bengals think this guy will be any better than the previous two.  It must be tough being a defensive coordinator for a "defensive genius" like Lewis.  No change