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The Bright Future of Billy Volek

After his playoff-winning heroics last week against the Colts (Tony Romo, take note), Chargers' backup QB Billy Volek is suddenly on everybody's radar.  With early week reports that starter Philip Rivers may not play in the AFC Championship Game, Volek's star might be shining just a little bit brighter.

Volek is a free agent at the end of the season and how much he is worth on the open market will be determined by how much longer his season stays alive.  A win over the Patriots next week would send his value into orbit; the Super Bowl would almost be anti-climatic.  

There are several good 2008 options for Volek -- and for fantasy owners.

  • Do you think Bill Parcells wants to watch Cleo Lemon develop in Miami while waiting for John Beck to develop?  Me neither.  Parcells likes experienced QBs with cannon-strength arms. The rumors that Volek might be a little nuts will probably make him more attractive to Big Bill.
  • Rather than spending 2008 putting together a 5-11 season while Matt Ryan is scarred for life, Atlanta may want to put a trusty veteran behind center and give Ryan (or Brohm I suppose) a year to develop.
  • I know I pick on the guy, but the difference between the Vikings making the playoffs and not making them this season was Tarvaris Jackson.  Billy is a significant upgrade over Jackson, especially since every defensive coordinator in the league will have a plan for stopping a one-dimensional Vikings offense.
On the right team, with 16 starts, Billy Volek has Top 10 Fantasy QB potential.  One of the biggest fantasy stories for 2008 starts this weekend in Foxboro.