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The Yankees Quit Johan Santana Again & Adam Jones Rumors

New, 1 comment reports the Yankees has once again pulled out of the Johan Santana sweepstakes.  While no one will believe it until Johan is actually holding up another team's uniform during a press conference, one can only work from the perspective of what current events dictate.

I suspect the Red Sox will have to show their cards, so to speak.  Have they only been involved to make sure the Yankees pay up for a 2007 difference maker?  We'll know soon enough.

Assuming the Red Sox were bluffing, the big winner is the Mets who can now assertively stand on a four-prospect package.  If Carlos Gomez remains in the deal, then AL-only leagues have just acquired a potential 40 SB player.


In other trade news, the Seattle Mariners have pulled CF Adam Jones from the Venezuelian Winter League.  Of course, my first reaction was he is being protected ahead of an imminent trade to the Baltimore Orioles.  Then, following months of trade speculation about Erik Bedard and Johan Santana, I figured this was another dead end piece of information.

However, I checked this link which contains a transcription of what Adam Jones told Jeff Joyce on "MLB Live Weekend" on XM Radio this weekend.  

"I have not heard anything. I try to keep contact with our organization but, the last time I talked with our G.M he just said you're not going to play for a couple days, as we are in the process of doing all this.  We don't know what's going on yet.

He said for me to hang tight for a couple days and they'd get back to me.  So hopefully I can play Monday because we are in the playoffs, and we are in First place, and I wanna be there for the guys. But if I'm not there physically, I am definitely there emotionally on the bench." -Adam Jones on if Seattle front office had told him if he would be traded

If Jones does get dealt to the Orioles, I expect he will be accompanied by a reliever who should be seen as the favorite to close games for the Orioles.  George Sherrill has been mentioned.

If it is him, expect the pronosticators to immediately begin to write of his demise as closer and look for possible replacements.  FWIW, I'd love to see Daniel Cabrera shifted to the bullpen.