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Conventional Wisdom Congeals Around The Mets As Johan Santana's 2008 Home

While the Chargers make the prospects of an 18-0 2008 for the New England Patriots appear more likley, all of major league baseball awaits a resolution to the Johan Santana soap opera.  With pitchers and catchers reporting next month and Johna rumored to have said he wanted hsi situation resolved prior to Spring training, something has to happen soon.  The NY Daily News says  a [Mets] official told them "maybe this week something will heat up.  Nothing's going on right now."

In this morning's Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo reports two general managers believe the Mets will get Santana because the team needs him more than the other two suitors, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.  However, either of those teams are just a phone call from landing Johan.

Both papers support what Newsday reported yesterday.  The Mets "intend to aggressively pursue a Santana trade in the coming weeks and believe they can get a deal done on their terms."

Finally, John Perotto of Baseball Prospectus says the Mets have emerged as strong contenders and could get a prospect-only deal done if only the team substituted 19-year-old AA OF Fernando Martinez for 22-year-old AAA CF Carlos Gomez.  Recall the intial report earlier this week that moved the Mets from the backburner to front one had the Twins pulling the trigger if the Mets added Martinez to the four propsect package headed by Gomez.

Whatever the propsect package, current conventional wisdom has the Mets as the front-runners right now.  The question is whether "front runner" is defined as Barack Obama/John McCain or Mitt Romney/Hillary Clinton.


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