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Was The Brady Quinn Pick A Waste?

Reports have surfaced that the Cleveland Browns are planning to sign QB Derek Anderson to a long-term contract.  
Considering I said something like "I have absolutely no confidence in Derek Anderson" back in September, I'm probably not the guy to ask about the wisdom of this signing.  But assuming the signing does go forward, the big question is: What do you do with Brady Quinn?

The Browns are paying Quinn a lot of money (five  years, $20 million) and they can't be happy about spending it on a backup.  I can understand the need to have a competent backup QB in the NFL these days, but 1) backups don't average $4 million a year and 2) there's no evidence (yet) that Quinn is competent.  They guy only had 10 NFL plays all season.  It doesn't seem like the most thought-out plan in the world.

If there's a downside to the amazing season that Derek Anderson had, it might be the albatross of the Brady Quinn trade/selection hanging around the Browns' neck for the next few years.  There will be plenty of people mentioning the fact the Browns traded away their 2008 first round pick for a guy they don't need, especially when the Cowboys are using that pick on a stud like LB Dan Connor.

Sometimes the Browns appear to be their own worst enemy.