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Week One Fantasy Football Questions

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With Week One a few hours away, there are questions a plenty that I will be monitoring to see how they are answered.  From each game not already covered (see here), here is a question or two.

Patriots at Jets:

What is Randy Moss going to produce in the very WR egalitarian Patriots passing game?  If not him, who?

Chiefs at Texans:

The Texans have a new QB in IF-Only-The-Falcons-Had-Known Matt Schaub and one of the most-hyped pre-season WR sleepers in Jacoby Jones.  How well each does will determine whether each is 100% owned by next week's games.

Broncos at Bills:

Will either team have a second WR emerge, Brandon Marshall for the Broncs - the pre-pre-season WR sleeper, or anyone other than Lee Evans for the Bills?  NOTE:  Thet #2 on Buffalo will likely be covered by Champ Bailey and not be readily apparent in the boxscore.  Maybe a third outlet?

Steelers at Browns:

The Steelers brought in a new offensive coordinator who wants to open up the passing game.  Given QB Ben Roethlisberger threw close to 500 passes last season, I am interested to see if I can tell the difference.  

Titans and Jaguars:

It is all Vince Young and his skills players. How will the RB touches be split?  Will a WR emerge?

Panthers at Rams:

As with the Titans, and every RBBC, the split between the Todd Jones and Joel Zumaya of fantasy football, DeShaun Foster and D'Angelo Williams, will be interesting.  As will, the the receivers who capture Keyshawn Johnson's receptions.  For the Rams, Torry Holt and his knee is all that matters.

Eagles at Packers:

Who is the Packers #2WR with Greg Jennings out?

Falcons at Vikings:

While any WR options for either team is interesting to watch, more important for fantasy teams is the number of touches Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson gets and the number Falcons' RB Jerrious Norwood receives.

Dolphins at Redskins:

Another RBBC issue:  Ladell Betts versus Clinton Portis, the goalline carries and receptions on 3rd down.  Of less interest is the amount of touches Jesse Chatman gets for the Dolphins.

Buccaneers at Seahawks:

Is Seattle WR D.J. Hackett as good as the football metrics predict?

Bears at Chargers:

Rex Grossman is a player to watch to see if he recoveres from his Super Bowl disaster.  Also interesting will be what Devan Hester does at WR.  On the Chargers' side, is Vincent Jackson going to produce at WR?

Lions at Raiders:

This was covered in "Vegas Says...Week One" yesterday, but I am very interested to see how well the Raiders secondary does against the very good Lions WRs - Roy Williams, Mike Furrey and Calvin Johnson.  For the Lions, how does Tatum Bell react to the Raiders prepartion?

Ravens at Bengals:

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Cardinals at 49ers:

Given the hype around Frank Gore, his performance is most important especially in light of Jospeh Addai's performance Thrusday night.  Gore, Addai and Larry Johnson will be the most highly second-guessed draftees all season depending on which one you took and didn't take.