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Update [2007-9-9 10:36:59 by Eric Hz]: ESPN expects to host a three-hour chat every Sunday morning from 10 AM EST to 1PM EST. Click here to enter. The Fantasy Injury Expert AWC, Stephania Bell is on until 11AM.

After all these months of projecting and estimating, the NFL season is finally here.  And not a minute too soon for me.

If you're looking for insights on who to start and who to sit, check out all the SB Nation blogs for the best insight into the NFL anywhere.  Just make sure you take off 10% for the "giant homer" factor.

If you can't be near a TV, the new live Gamecenter on is the best in the business.  I'll be in a bar with a group of Patriot-fan friends watching the Pats-Jets game.  Hopefully their chanting at the Altar of Brady won't drive me too crazy.