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Baseball News From Yesterday

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The Rangers have apparently moved to Joaquin Benoit in the closer's role.  With CJ Wilson appearing in the 8th inning, and doing  apoor job, Joaquin Benoit bailed him out in the 9th to preserve the victory.  With just 20 games reamining, Benoit's elevation is meaningful in keeper leagues and those remaining fantasy races where a save or two will make the difference.

Joba Chamberlain pitched two more scoreless innings last night to increase his already larger-than-life reputation.  However, I noticed he only struck out one Royal.  Is that a sign that the league is catching-up to him?

Staying with young Yankee pitchers, Ian Kennedy's stat line looking strikingly similar to $46MM bust Kei igawa - five innings pitched with 10 runners allowed.  Kennedy only struck out two Royals.  I'd be worried about using him in the last three weeks of the season if my ratios were still in play.

Staying with the New York clubs, rookie Mike Pelfrey notched his second consectutive win.  Was he still in the free agent pool thanks to his 0-7 start and passed over for the more highly-hyped Ian Kennedy by those chasing Wins in this final month of fantasy baseball?

So Blue Jays' 3B Troy Glaus was taking steroids in 2003 and 2004 and signed a four-year/$45MM contract following the 2004 season.  'nuff said.  However, I won't leave it at that.  Why is he villified for chasing the big money, but the rest of society admires people who sacrifice their families and morals in pursuit of fame and fortune in other walks of life?

Poor Troy Tulowitzki.  80 RBIs, a .293 AVG and an accelerating reputation as the best fielding SS in the game, and he had to be a rookie the same year Brewers' 3B Ryan Braun is.