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Fantasy Baseball - Best Pitching Duo Under 23

In Jim Callis' most recent Ask BA column, he offers a list of the top 23-and-under pitching duos in the major leagues.  There is room for disagreement, wouldn't you agree?

  1. Tim Lincecum/Matt Cain, Giants
  2. Joba Chamberlain/Phil Hughes, Yankees
  3. Felix Hernandez/Brandon Morrow, Mariners
  4. Chad Billingsley/Jonathan Broxton, Dodgers
  5. Andrew Miller/Joel Zumaya, Tigers
  6. Clay Buchholz/Jon Lester, Red Sox
  7. Scott Olsen/Josh Johnson, Marlins
  8. Franklin Morales/Ubaldo Jimenez, Rockies
  9. Cole Hamels/Kyle Kendrick, Phillies
  10. Adam Loewen/Garrett Olson, Orioles

I have no disagreement with Lincecum and Cain at the top.  However, Chamberlain and Hughes second seems premature given their tiny sample of professional success.  I'd be more inclined towards the Dodgers' Billingsley/Broxton duo as each has pitched well for at least a season's worth of games.  If not for Hamels injury risk, I'd rank him ahead of the Mariners combo.

Mr. Callis also answered a question about the quality of the New York Yankees 2007 draft and about the expectations for high school draftees in Rookie league ball.  Click through to read his answer to that question along with an elaboration of his Top 10 Under-23 Rankings and who he believe is the best one on the list.